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 Built to handle a variety of conditions, the NANKANG CONQUEROR AT-5 is a great choice for drivers that want a versatile tire capable of driving on difficult terrain. The alpine marking on the AT-5’s sidewall signifies its proven ability to perform reliably on snow or icy roads. It is also pinned for studs to allow additional winter traction. 50,000 mile warranty and severe service emblem.


• Large voids and circumferential grooves facilitate water and dirt evacuation to enhance all-terrain performance and improve wet traction and handling
• Special high-tech silica compound has been integrated into ALL LT sizes, which provides superior grip, durability, traction and stopping performance in wet • and winter conditions
• Rugged shoulders and serrated sidewall design provides additional off-road grip
• All E/10 Light Truck sizes have reinforced 3 ply sidewall to provide additional impact protection and increased abrasion resistance



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